An analysis of victor villasenors book rain of gold

Has anyone read the book Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor? I need help with themes for a paper.?

This rambling discourse is part memoir, part ego-centric stream of consciousness, part magic realism. It's as if he didn't trust the reader to make his own connections but had to lead us at the kindergarten level.


In the third section, which I call "Gone", the author, in my opinion, loses it. These seem like real people. I can't help wonder if this whole book is a satirical attempt to play the "stereotypical" superstitious Mexican that he THINKS all white people believe in.

Despite being a successful author many white people bought his bookshe still likes to be the victim. The story runs the gamut from a living room full of drunken old men in a run down mansion extoling the sainthood of an ex-con father who sold human flesh and brutalized his neighborhood as 'el jefe' read Mafia don all the way to a jumble of Roman Catholicism and Aztecan mysticism.

I guess the Asian world is what, just creation's faux pas? This book also contains details of miraculous events in Victor's life, such as when his dead father warned him that robbers were approaching his house.

The timeline is anything but linear. To be notified when we launch a full study guide, please contact us. Replete with descriptions of unforgettable acts of cruelty, and the dedicated and inspiring acts of sacrifice of participants from fifty-one nations, with the inclusion of a protracted murder trial that centers around the issue of free speech, the Bread and Roses strike is a story that is as pertinent as ever.

He also says that he did not read or write until his 20's. The premise is a rather kindly uber-spiritual venture into a world where everything is alive and everything is imbued with elements of god-like power.

I sent my copy of the book to the paperback swap this morning. As I came to these words Salvador spoke to his brother, Domingo, and Nellie, it came into mind the theme of: God, Goding, Gone By Amazon Customer on Mar 31, For the uninitiated, the title of my review summarizes the three sections of this book.

A comparison of Castaneda's body of work and "Beyond Rain of Gold" is overreaching to say the least. If you feel like you're worth nothing and won't ever make it in life then you should read this book, because it shows you how you can and will become something if you believe in yourself.

The author states that he drove his car at miles an hour, caused numerous upsetting scenes in restaurants,offices and hotels.

He learns of the Mayan calender and the forces that will allegedly take place in December Makes you reconsider your ideas aout death and the fine line between life and death.

Rain of Gold by Victor Villaseñor l Summary & Study Guide

What an enlightening story. In order to gain new information, we must sometimes question what we were taught and be receptive to other possibilities. We, as people, have no idea on what sacrifices that person has made in their life to get to where they are in life.

There are lots of little pieces of this book that I would have been interesting in exploring. He is walking "in the spirit" all the time. In this book he orchestrates an ideology, taking ideas from people he meets on his book tours and speaking engagements, that we all can adopt in finding a way to use out full thirteen senses to bring us back in balance with nature like we were when we were all indigenous people.

He eventually discovers a hidden spring. I sent my copy of the book to the paperback swap this morning. By Roman on Jun 29, I have enjoyed reading Victor's books over the years, but I honestly have to say that this is the worst book he has written.

However, it might have been better all around if he'd done the one book and moved on to another career. I guess the Asian world is what, just creation's faux pas? I selected the book because it seemed like an uplifting and spiritual journey type of thing.Rain of Gold, the magical Mexican-American family saga and critically acclaimed bestseller, is now available for Spanish-speaking readers in Lluvia De Oro.

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Rain of Gold is the captivating true story of author Victor Villasenor's Mexican-American family heritage and of the. Rain of Gold [Victor Villasenor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This is the Hispanic Roots, an all-American story of poverty, immigration, struggle and success. It focuses on three generations of Villaseñor's kin/5(). Click here to view Victor Villasenor’s books published by Arte Público Press Click here to listen to an interview with Victor Villaseñor about his book, Rain of Gold.

Click here to listen to an interview with Victor Villaseñor about his book, Crazy Loco Love. Villasenor got "Rain of Gold" published to highly favorable reviews. Some critics have called the book a Mexican-American version of "Roots." And now, a year after publication, he is reaping financial rewards.

Rain of Gold is a non-fiction book that follows the lives’ of Victor Villaseñor’s own parents, Juan Salvador Villaseñor and Lupe Gomez. The an analysis of victor villasenors book rain of gold sadist Alfredo contradicts his tractrix and endemic spy!

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An analysis of victor villasenors book rain of gold
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